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Xandra, Renowned European Fashion Creator, Produces Show at Ascent Expo

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Our Ascent Expo show has been featured on HEFFX. Pattern Recognition Analyst Paul Ebeling wrote the feature story on Luxery Fashion Show at Ascent Expo. Below a glimps of the feature story. Xandra, Renowned European Fashion Creator, Produces Show at Ascent Expo, Near-Blind Designer Uses Colors Ingeniously.portfolio_small Henning Morales,

CEO of The Ascent Expo, taking place February 27-March 1, 2015, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, announced today that Xandra, celebrated European fashion designer, who has only 10% vision, will produce a gala fashion show using her acclaimed sense of color. Morales said, “The Expo is all about bringing entrepreneurs and the public together to showcase new and original ideas.”

Xandra said, “At the age of 12, I lost almost all of my eyesight. Colors were the only thing I could see clearly. I feel very secure, certain, and strong after discovering the power of my voice and trusting the energy and feel of colors, their magic, their inimitable, luminous power, their beauty and intensity.”

Xandra, in her first American show, will produce and direct her latest collection aided by models from all over Europe and will feature creations debuted originally in Dusseldorf.

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